by Greg

Unlike many design studios or agencies Daughter didn’t start from a deep frustration with the environments we were in, or a decade of going it alone freelancing from the spare bedroom/office a bit tired and looking for a new challenge. Quite simply, Tom and I wanted to work together. We’ve done other things prior to Daughter; Tom’s background in recording and touring music and my background as a professional sportsman. Working very closely in a team and committing entirely to a collective purpose is something that’s very familiar to us. We’re really proud of our stories and our experiences inform our philosophy as a design studio. It’s a constant reminder to us that we must commit to the end goal, the process, and the people involved.

It doesn’t mean we want to be best mates with everyone, talk about our feelings, hug every five minutes and have a good cry. I’m talking about soul and purpose. A connection between the why and the what. A commitment to doing the best work we can, avoiding shortcuts and paying attention to the biggest and the smallest of details.

We’ve developed a little mantra around here which comes from something Frank Chimero wrote which has really resonated with us. It’s about doing things the long, hard, stupid way. It reminds us that doing things well takes time, persistence and thought.

I’m confident because we’re starting from a why. I count us lucky to know that. Although it’ll take time, there really are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

Call me stupid.

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